How To Find The Best Psychics In Sacramento

Do you feel like you need the services of a psychic? Do you need some spiritual enlightenment that you have not found elsewhere? Well, you need to find the best psychics in Sacramento to help you with your spiritual awakening. Here are some useful tips to consider when looking for the best psychics in Sacramento.

Psychic Christopher Golden Telepathic Work

1. Stay away from telephone psychics with hotline numbers, unless you want to take a risk. There are a few reputable psychics you will find here but you should know that these hotlines can be used by virtually anyone who is a self-proclaimed psychic. Yes, there are chances that you will get a good psychic if you call one of these lines but in most cases you will end up with a fake. It’s best to look for a psychic who does face to face meetings.

2. Ask for referrals to the best psychics in Sacrament from people you trust. That way you can rest assured that the psychic is the real deal. Of course, you need to trust your own judgment and instincts. Yes, the person who recommended the psychic to you might have had a good experience previously but you need to know whether or not they are good enough for you too. If you are planning to get a reading from a psychic, you need to listen to your feelings. If you are feeling anxious or uncomfortable, you shouldn’t proceed with the reading.

3. Find a psychic who can offer the type of services you are actually interested in. Simply because someone identifies themselves as intuitive or psychic, doesn’t mean they will be helpful with informing you about your life purpose or helping you connect with your dead relatives. Most psychics are competent in a few areas while the best ones will inform you of their specific specializations beforehand. Some are good with connecting with the dead while others can make future predictions. You need to find one for the service you need for the best results.

4. Psychics who charge the highest prices don’t necessarily offer the best services. For instance, if you are seeking the services of a sprit guide, you will receive messages from your deceased loved one. However, paying more money doesn’t mean that you will get better messages. Therefore, you need to know whether or not you are getting good services from what you are paying. Yes, psychics charge for their services but you need to beware of fakes who will overcharge you simply because they can.

5. Finally, you need to do your research if you are looking for a good psychic. Don’t rush into choosing the first person you come across. Find out from previous clients whether or not they were satisfied with the services offered. Read through the psychic’s website and social media accounts to find out whether or not there are any complaints from previous clients. Above all, your gut instinct should tell whether or not to trust the psychic or not.

With these tips, you can get a good psychic in Sacramento to help you with your spiritual awakening!

How Do Psychics Tell The Future?

tarot card deckClairvoyants have been given many names over the years, from prophets, to shamans to psychics. However, one thing has never changed and that’s their ability to foresee detailed events before they occur. There are many available theories that attempt to explain the seemingly supernatural powers of psychics, but which of them is true?

Are Psychics Real?

The answer to this question is an emphatic yes, even though most governments don’t acknowledge the existence of the supernatural. However, there are many law enforcement agencies that rely on the assistance of psychics when even the best bloodhounds fail to locate missing people. One would have to conclude that there are some real psychics, but how do they know about events before they happen?

The Universal Law Theory

One theory is that the universe keeps detailed accounts of everything that people do over the course of our lives. Some people conclude that we see our lives flash before our eyes when we pass as a means of determining whether we deserve to continue living. Some people suggest that psychics can see YOUR life flash before their eyes by simply coming in contact with you. Others, like Annette Martin, and Carol Pate, only need to touch something that belonged to the person in question to know intimate details about them. However, these crime fighters are only relaying unknown information. While their abilities are impressive, they aren’t really predicting the future. So how can some psychics tell you when and where you’ll meet the love of your life, ten minutes after they meet you.

There are real psychics with long lists of clients who swear by their abilities. Many of these people use lights, crystal balls and other mysterious objects, but these are mostly for show. In order for a clairvoyant to peer into your future, YOU have to open up. All the bells and whistles are more about getting YOU to relax than actually seeing the future. However, tactics, like looking at your palm and holding your hands, will give the clairvoyant the ability to see into your future during your online psychic chat reading. The things that you’ve done in the past have a strong bearing on what the future will hold for you. The things you’ve done in the past will mold your future, and clairvoyants can foresee these events. No psychic can absolutely guarantee your future, but your life is more likely to take certain turns. Through the use of tarot cards, palm reading and the power of the universe, a good psychic can help you to avoid future pitfalls.


Making The Most From Your Psychic Readings

psychic readerThere are numerous types of psychic readings. Each psychic has different and sometimes multiple abilities. These readings may prove very useful when looking for insight into aspects of life that seem insurmountable. Once trust is built a relationship can be built that may be ongoing.

When the wrong psychic is chosen, or one whose abilities are opposite to a person’s beliefs, a kind of self-imposed blindness can occur. Therefore, it is quite important that the psychic chosen has an ability that inspires trust and comfort. A positive experience will result for both parties involved.

When getting a reading online, it is common to have the first reading done for free. This will show how accurate the psychic is with what is said. If it is the past or present information, it will evident at that time if this person is accurate. Do some research on the psychic and their ability. There should be testimonials to peruse. There should also be a page describing the psychic and their ability.

The most well-known kind of psychics is the clairvoyant.  They can catch glimpses of a lifetime. Some specialize in the past, some the future. It will usually be a combination along with the present. A spiritual psychic can see the larger picture. The kind of questions regarding what life lessons a person is here to learn and what their true path is can be answered with this kind of reader.

The psychic medium are readers who have access to the beyond. Those who have died are able to communicate through them. That is to say they give their messages to the medium who then passes the information along. If there are questions that need to be asked of a loved one that has passed, this is the type of reading needed

How can you find one?

There are plenty of psychic readers online. All you need to do is google them and choose the one that you like. However, scam readers are out there too. Ensure you double check their credibility by reading some of the reviews from their previous clients. If your friend or family member visited one before and liked his/her services, let them direct you to them.

Some psychic readers like offering their services over the phone.All you need is their contact number, and you can talk to them. It could be cheaper in the long run since traveling expenses are minimized. However, this method is least preferred by professional readers since its not easy to win the confidence of the client.

Do they possess any abilities?

Psychic readers have abilities that make them unique from the rest of us. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be serving us if we were all of equal endowments. They possess the following three qualities;

  1. Sensitivity – they are sensitive to supernatural and spiritual occurrences.
  2. Precognition – this is the ability to predict upcoming events.
  3. Psychometrics – this is the ability to foresee things that ordinary people cannot.

Psychic readings can help anyone learn more about their lives. The issues that are most important can be answered. It is not something to be totally dependent on, but more like having a mentor that can see things that no one else could. It is possible to try various types of readings including astrological readings. There may be different insights from one type of reading, not found in another.


7 Signs That Indicate You May Have Psychic Abilities

Did you ever wonder whether you have psychic abilities or not? Did you ever come across unusual instances? Here are some symptoms that indicate that you might have some psychic ability:

#1 Higher levels of intuition

If you know who is calling before picking up the phone or if you have ever predicted an event before it occurred, you know you have higher levels of intuition.

#2 You have experienced déjà vu many times

If you feel most of the time that you have been at some place but you actually haven’t, or if you find places or people very familiar then you are experiencing déjà vu. Déjà vu is a strong sign that you have go psychic ability.

#3 Visions are normal for you

If you have visions of future event or you see them in your dreams before it happens and later find out that it really happened, then you know that you have psychic ability.

#4 An accurate gut feeling

If you just happen to know something before it actually takes place, or you can sense what is going to happen then you might have psychic ability.

#5 Telepathic instances

Did you ever feel that you could read someone else’s mind? If you ever have some sort of telepathic experience then you know that you have some psychic ability.

#6 Psychometry

Could you ever tell someone’s past by holding his or her hand? This is called psychometric ability. If you have this kind of ability then you know you have psychic ability.

#7 Vivid dreams

Do you have very vivid and detailed dreams? Can you remember every detail of the dream when you wake up? If this happens to you then you know that you have psychic ability.

If you have some of these symptoms then you can be sure that you have psychic abilities. You should develop and nurture it to make it stronger.

Not sure how you can use you psychic abilities? Here’s an infographic that may give you an idea!


Top 5 Psychic Reading and Astrology Blogs of 2015

Psychic reading is very popular nowadays. Some people are curious about it, while others believe in them. Blogs are a great way to understand psychic readings and also find psychics to read you. These are some of the best psychic reading blogs you can find online:



It is a popular astrology site. It provides astrological advice, especially about love and relationships. You can find your soul mate from this website. You can also find your regular horoscope here.

#2 Psychic Bloggers


This blog shares many information to the online psychic community. The blog is written by professional psychic advisors, intuitive empaths, and clairvoyant mediums. This site provides service through safe and secured environment. On this blog you will get the top news from renowned bloggers.

#3 Spiritual Travels


This blog is full of wonderful articles. Both words and pictures are used to explain the world’s beauty. Travelers will find this blog very interesting.

#4 Mommy Mystic


This blog is written by Lisa Erickson, a meditation teacher. This blog has articles on women’s healing power, women’s anatomy, spiritual parenting, trauma and abuse, etc. There are interviews of women healers and teachers. Online courses are also offered for women.

#5 Soul Psychics


The blog is full of spiritual and metaphysical articles. There are psychic reading experts available who provide services like oracle reading, clairvoyant psychic reading, psychic spirit guide readings, etc.

All these blogs are different in their own ways. But one thing is common — they are rich in content. You will learn a lot of things from these blogs which you can implement in your daily lives.

How Can You Overcome Your Worst Fears?

Fear sets us behind. It tells us that we cannot accomplish our dreams, and that we must keep quiet. It also separates us from our loved ones. Fear limits our willing to try.

The things people fear about may be different, but the way they react are the same. When we are in fear, our mouth gets dry and our stomach churns. Fearing constantly is unhealthy. Here are some ways you can overcome your fear:

Connecting with others

Fears are worse when faced alone. So, share your concern with a good friend of yours. We often don’t speak about our fears to anyone because we think that others will laugh at us. You need to find someone you can trust and share your feelings.

Create structure

Being in a new place or situation gives you fear. You should build a structure into your schedule to create safety net. For example, if you exercise then exercise everyday; if you go out for a walk, do it at the same time every day. This structure will give you security as you know what to expect. Always take control of the new situation you get into.

Learn relaxation techniques

You shouldn’t let fear grow inside you. This will lead to health problems. Learn some relaxation techniques so that you are physically ready to face your fear. Yoga and meditation are good ways of relaxation.

Build up a spiritual life

Spiritual truths give great comfort in times of crisis. They give us safety and a reason of hope. You can start your spiritual life by reading the Bible.

Face your fears

You should know that some fears are healthy and they protect you from danger; for example, walking in the dark street alone. You should avoid this type of situation. There is nothing to feel proud about if any of your action causes personal threat.

But if the fear is mental, then you can try doing the thing that you fear most. For example, many people fear public speaking. So, they should try speaking in front of public more in order to overcome their fear.

Need more help overcoming some of you main fears? We found this video that you’ll find extremely valuable…