7 Signs That Indicate You May Have Psychic Abilities

Did you ever wonder whether you have psychic abilities or not? Did you ever come across unusual instances? Here are some symptoms that indicate that you might have some psychic ability:

#1 Higher levels of intuition

If you know who is calling before picking up the phone or if you have ever predicted an event before it occurred, you know you have higher levels of intuition.

#2 You have experienced déjà vu many times

If you feel most of the time that you have been at some place but you actually haven’t, or if you find places or people very familiar then you are experiencing déjà vu. Déjà vu is a strong sign that you have go psychic ability.

#3 Visions are normal for you

If you have visions of future event or you see them in your dreams before it happens and later find out that it really happened, then you know that you have psychic ability.

#4 An accurate gut feeling

If you just happen to know something before it actually takes place, or you can sense what is going to happen then you might have psychic ability.

#5 Telepathic instances

Did you ever feel that you could read someone else’s mind? If you ever have some sort of telepathic experience then you know that you have some psychic ability.

#6 Psychometry

Could you ever tell someone’s past by holding his or her hand? This is called psychometric ability. If you have this kind of ability then you know you have psychic ability.

#7 Vivid dreams

Do you have very vivid and detailed dreams? Can you remember every detail of the dream when you wake up? If this happens to you then you know that you have psychic ability.

If you have some of these symptoms then you can be sure that you have psychic abilities. You should develop and nurture it to make it stronger.

Not sure how you can use you psychic abilities? Here’s an infographic that may give you an idea!