How Do Psychics Tell The Future?

tarot card deckClairvoyants have been given many names over the years, from prophets, to shamans to psychics. However, one thing has never changed and that’s their ability to foresee detailed events before they occur. There are many available theories that attempt to explain the seemingly supernatural powers of psychics, but which of them is true?

Are Psychics Real?

The answer to this question is an emphatic yes, even though most governments don’t acknowledge the existence of the supernatural. However, there are many law enforcement agencies that rely on the assistance of psychics when even the best bloodhounds fail to locate missing people. One would have to conclude that there are some real psychics, but how do they know about events before they happen?

The Universal Law Theory

One theory is that the universe keeps detailed accounts of everything that people do over the course of our lives. Some people conclude that we see our lives flash before our eyes when we pass as a means of determining whether we deserve to continue living. Some people suggest that psychics can see YOUR life flash before their eyes by simply coming in contact with you. Others, like Annette Martin, and Carol Pate, only need to touch something that belonged to the person in question to know intimate details about them. However, these crime fighters are only relaying unknown information. While their abilities are impressive, they aren’t really predicting the future. So how can some psychics tell you when and where you’ll meet the love of your life, ten minutes after they meet you.

There are real psychics with long lists of clients who swear by their abilities. Many of these people use lights, crystal balls and other mysterious objects, but these are mostly for show. In order for a clairvoyant to peer into your future, YOU have to open up. All the bells and whistles are more about getting YOU to relax than actually seeing the future. However, tactics, like looking at your palm and holding your hands, will give the clairvoyant the ability to see into your future during your online psychic chat reading. The things that you’ve done in the past have a strong bearing on what the future will hold for you. The things you’ve done in the past will mold your future, and clairvoyants can foresee these events. No psychic can absolutely guarantee your future, but your life is more likely to take certain turns. Through the use of tarot cards, palm reading and the power of the universe, a good psychic can help you to avoid future pitfalls.


Johnny Hayes