Top 5 Psychic Reading and Astrology Blogs of 2015

Psychic reading is very popular nowadays. Some people are curious about it, while others believe in them. Blogs are a great way to understand psychic readings and also find psychics to read you. These are some of the best psychic reading blogs you can find online:



It is a popular astrology site. It provides astrological advice, especially about love and relationships. You can find your soul mate from this website. You can also find your regular horoscope here.

#2 Psychic Bloggers


This blog shares many information to the online psychic community. The blog is written by professional psychic advisors, intuitive empaths, and clairvoyant mediums. This site provides service through safe and secured environment. On this blog you will get the top news from renowned bloggers.

#3 Spiritual Travels


This blog is full of wonderful articles. Both words and pictures are used to explain the world’s beauty. Travelers will find this blog very interesting.

#4 Mommy Mystic


This blog is written by Lisa Erickson, a meditation teacher. This blog has articles on women’s healing power, women’s anatomy, spiritual parenting, trauma and abuse, etc. There are interviews of women healers and teachers. Online courses are also offered for women.

#5 Soul Psychics


The blog is full of spiritual and metaphysical articles. There are psychic reading experts available who provide services like oracle reading, clairvoyant psychic reading, psychic spirit guide readings, etc.

All these blogs are different in their own ways. But one thing is common — they are rich in content. You will learn a lot of things from these blogs which you can implement in your daily lives.